A Head for Heights

This month the central hall has looked a little different to usual. Whilst the house is closed on weekdays we have taken the opportunity to have the ceiling redecorated. It took a team of 4 scaffolders 4 days to put up the scaffolding required to reach the ceiling. But before this could happen, the floor was protected with a layer of correx and then plyboard to ensure there would be no damage from the scaffolding. We also had to make sure that we still had access to the dining room so that our weekend Glorious Glimpse tours could still see this room, requiring careful planning to design the scaffold around this.

The decorators have now finished their work, but whilst the scaffolding is up we have a team of textile conservators coming in to assess our tapestries. Having the scaffolding up gives us a really good chance to get up close to our tapestries, which are not normally within easy reach. The conservators will be checking the condition of every tapestry, and making sure that the velcro holding them in place is still doing its job!

The house team will also be completing our yearly clean of the Reredos, but that will be from our own scaffolding tower once everything else has been completed! Most of the house team is qualified to put up our scaffolding, which is particularly useful when we are completing our deep cleans of our showrooms. We have just finished cleaning the library from top to bottom, as well as all of the furniture and ceramics. Some visitors may also have seen us using it to clean the Chandelier in the Gold Room, which we complete annually. It is also used in the dining room and this week we will  clean the ceiling in the south corridor.


Using the scaffolding to remove mould in the dining room



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