Alice through the looking glass

I love Polesden Lacey at this time of year, the grounds are full of colour and there is always so much going on!

This half term there are pumpkins everywhere, the gardeners yielded several hundred pumpkins from the pumpkin patch this year! The Halloween trail is all about Alice through the looking glass and children have to find the clues in time to save Alice from the Jaberwocky. Some of the mirrors in the trail are inspired by the beautiful mirrors that can be seen throughout the house. Many of the mirrors in the house are baroque or Rocccoo design – with beautiful intricate carvings and a gilded finish.  Most famous are the mirrors in the Saloon – with one at each end of the room these mirrors create a never ending view – and are also known as infinity mirrors.

It is easy to imagine Alice stepping through the mirrors and into Wonderland beyond.

How many Mirrors in the house can you count, and can you spot the ones which can also be found in nuns walk for the trail?

gold room


Some of the characters from Wonderland have also crept into the house. In a couple of rooms you may notice signs that Alice’s friends have been to visit.

The doormouse sleeps quietly in a tea pot, the mad hatter has left his hat lying around and the white rabbit is of course now later than ever having lost his watch in the house.  Mrs Greville might be wise to avoid drinking her tea this half term as some of Alice’s “Drink me” potion has made its way into the tea room.

Royalty is always welcome in Mrs Greville’s house and The Queen of hearts can be spotted in the Billiard Room,  while her guards (the spades) have taken a rest from paintings the roses red and can be found alongside their fellow playing cards.

Why not pop to Polesden this half term and join in the fun and see what you can spot throughout the house and of course help Alice before its too late!

Find out more about the Halloween trail here.




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