Messy Mondays: Conservation for Kids

Kids: Think conservation work is only for qualified National Trust staff? Think again!  This is the perfect time for all of you kids, with your mums and dads, to come and do some conservation work at Polesden!  Now ‘conservation’ is a big word and it’s a really big thing to think about for us at Polesden Lacey.  We look after such a big range of old objects, furniture and fun paintings, and they all need to be CARED FOR.   Conservation is where we CARE FOR our objects, making sure they’re not too dusty, don’t get damaged or that little bugs don’t nibble them away…

One of our conservation cleaners....

One of our conservation cleaners….

In the 1920s, when Mrs Greville lived here at Polesden, she had lots of servants to look after all of her exciting bits of furniture and paintings.  See this photo below? You can see her servants outside the house!

Polesden  Lacey's servants in the 1920s

Polesden Lacey’s servants in the 1920s

So, now we know what conservation means, you’ll know how important it is to stop these things from damaging all the fun, old stuff in our house.  Thing is, we have so many fun, old objects in our house, that sometimes we need some help with our conservation work.  So, I’d really appreciate it, if you kids could help me out on a Monday during your summer holidays and come and conserve Polesden’s objects with me!

Mums and Dads: Every Monday throughout the summer holidays, we’ll be hosting ‘Messy Mondays’ where children will be able to get stuck in with some essential conservation cleaning work for the house and its collections.  It’s a great way for your children to see all the behind-the-scenes action of an accredited museum, like Polesden Lacey.  We’ll provide the teaching and the aprons to protect their clothing, while they can have a go at tamping carpets or cleaning antique brassware, with a member of our Conservation team.


Teaching the future conservation experts

Messy Mondays run on Monday 27 July, 3, 10, 17 and 24 August, from 12:30 until 4:30 in the house.  No extra fees apply, and no booking is necessary, just bring along a child who wants to play in Polesden’s history.

See you on Monday then…


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