Objects of the Month: Easter eggstravaganza

Easter is at an end, the Easter eggs are all gone and the children have gone back to school. After a very busy two weeks here at Polesden Lacey we are now catching up with Conservation work and this week we will be cleaning the Chandelier in the Gold Room. Now is the perfect time for that midweek visit to see some Conservation in Action.

Come and see us clean the beautiful Baccarat Chandelier this week (Photo: Camilla Morgan)

Come and see us clean the beautiful Baccarat Chandelier this week (Photo: Camilla Morgan)

In the hope of holding on to that Easter feeling for a little bit longer, this months object of the month is a few little Easter themed delights from the Gold Room. When you pop in to see us cleaning the Chandelier you can see if you can spot them!

Mrs Greville was very fond of beautiful things and collected small Objects D’Art or Objects de Vertu most often given to her as a gift from a friend or greatful guest. Some of these are beautiful animals carved from precious stone and attributed to famous jewellers such as Faberge or Cartier.

Two rabbits by Faberge

Two rabbits by Faberge

These stunning joined rabbits are made out of brown jasper and quartzite and date to around 1900-1915, made by the famous Carl Faberge.

Faberge Egg

Faberge Egg

This small egg shaped box is another of Faberge’s creations, made from pink stone with a diamond clasp, the emblematic fastening is seen on many other faberge objects. Again this piece dates from around 1900-1915.

Peter Carl Faberge was a Russian jeweller and goldsmith who founded the House of Faberge in 1842 in St Petersburg. Any Antiques Roadshow fan will regosnise his name from the famous faberge Eggs but he also designed smaller artworks. These intricate animals were popular among the Edwardian Elite, as usual King Edward VII led the way, in 1907 Edward commissioned Faberge to create an entire diminutive carved menagerie of all the animals on the country estate at Sandringham, Norfolk. These tiny artworks are now part of the Royal Collection.One of the ‘Sandrigham Commission’ was Edward VII’s favourite dog Ceasar. Caesar was carved from chalcedony and embellished with gold, enamel and rubies. Mrs Greville later purchased this carving for £35, and gave it as a gift to Queen Alexandra.

This intricate carved rabbit has been attributed to Cartier

This intricate carved Hare has been attributed to Cartier

The Hare in the picture above is carved from rock crystal with inset ruby eyes and it is thought that it was made by the jeweller Cartier. Now you may have heard that name before, maybe your even lucky enough to own a piece of by this luxury jeweller. Cartier is another old name and was established by Louis-François Cartier in Paris 1847. Cartier was another favourite of King Edward VII, he was even was heard to say that Cartier was the Jeweller to the kings and the King of Jewellers. Theres no surprise then that Mrs Greville too favoured the Parisian artisan.

Now on display in the Gold Room, these beautiful creatures are often missed. I have only mentioned 3 of the Objects D’Art here but there are so many more to see. Next time you are in the Gold Room, why not have a look at the cases in the room and see what other animals you can spot!



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