In the bleak midwinter

I’m sure that you’re all familiar with the lyrics to this beautiful carol, and while ‘frosty winds’ are definitely moaning, things are definitely not bleak here in the house.  With the Edwardian Advent event over, and Polesdenopoly in full swing, we have reached the midpoint on the winter clean on schedule too and remarkably smoothly at that.

So, let’s take a quick look at the winter season so far…

November started with the deep clean in the study along with other items that weren’t needed for the Christmas event, turning the room into something that resembled an auction room.  Christmas setup then hit with a vengeance and the team put in a huge effort to get the house ready for our most popular year yet.

The team gets a little bit Christmassy

The team gets a little bit Christmassy

During the event, the deep clean still went on – the Gun Room and upstairs rooms not needed for the event were all cleaned around group visits, schools and other assorted challenges.  Now that’s all done, we’re gearing up for the next stage.

January brings carpet rolling, the Library deep clean and the prospect of the house turning into a school for a week as we welcome the delegates for the Housekeeping Study Days.  This is a national course for National Trust house staff that teaches us the conservation skills we need for our jobs looking after a hugely diverse collection of objects and buildings.

Housekeeping Study Days 2014

Housekeeping Study Days 2014 at Nostell Priory

February brings the reredos clean before we start unpacking the rooms we put away before the New Year ready for opening on the 28th February, and not forgetting the new displays too!

The Central Hall 1926

The Central Hall 1926, it hasn’t changed much, but unlike the servants in Mrs Greville’s time, we have access to scaffolding to clean it.


So here’s to a busy couple of months ahead (watch this space for updates!) and wishing all our readers a very happy 2015 from everyone in the house team!

Happy new year!


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