Cleaning up after dinner: A tale of table cleanliness

The house team project for this week has been more Conservation In Action.  This project is designed to demonstrate to the public just what exactly goes into cleaning the collections.  The Dining Room table and side tables hold a remarkably large amount of objects.  With just under 200 pieces to individually dust and condition report, armed only with hogs hair brushes for the glass and pony hair brushes for everything else,  it’s no wonder the task took the team just under a week to complete.  


A side table in the Dining Room with a porcelain taureen with a crayfish lid

With a large collection of impressive silver, the public often ask if we use anything special to give them thier shine.  Because we monitor the factors of deteriorization, such as sunlight and humidity, the silver we buff only unless it is in desperate need of a more thorough clean.  This may happen once every few years.


The Dining Room table in the process of being cleaned

But to help us along the way, some work experience students made an apperance.  Their help was greatly appreciated and we hope they had a great time too.


Work experience student Ella cleaning one of the sconces in the Dining Room with a pony hair brush and a vacuum cleaner

The project was very successful and the contents of the Dining Room table and side tables are now up to our cleanliness standards. Why not visit Polesden and see them for yourself?


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