Leaving Mrs Ronnie

I’m going to New Zealand for four weeks tomorrow for my Honeymoon, yippee! When I was planning this I thought it would be a great time to go: after Polesden’s Christmas extravaganza, before the start of the new season in March. It turns out there is never a good time to take four weeks off. Especially when you’re planning a new exhibition, for which design work all needs to be signed off before you go and you have just realised you will be installing said exhibition with jetlag in four weeks time… Still, I’m sure I’ll find some consolation in the warm New Zealand summer sun…

For the last week Judith from Hamilton Design and myself have been frantically trying to pull together the trickiest element of the exhibition, the carpet. What’s tricky about a carpet you might ask? Well, this is not any old carpet. We’re not yet able to display all the furniture that was in Mrs Greville’s bedroom on her death in 1942 but we wanted to give a sense of how it might have looked.

Exhibition, graphic, carpet, floor

Graphic for Mrs Greville’s bedroom floor

My bright idea was to try to create an impression of the inventoried furniture on the carpet. To do this we are taking advantage of technology from Eyemats which allows us to print high-quality textures and graphics onto floor matting. The carpet will cover the floor and show, from above, an impression of the bed, rugs, and various items of furniture that Mrs Greville had in her room before she died in 1942.

Hopefully it will all come together and you can come and see it when we open on 1 March. I’ll be the one asleep on the floor on our interpretation of Mrs Greville’s damask bed…


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