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Clocking in at Attingham Park

The best thing about clocks is their ubiquity; their key function is the same now as it was when they were made, and the National Trust’s collection of clocks features timepieces that are 300-400 years old that are still in good working order! They give a presence to a property that makes their surroundings ‘alive’ […]


The Maharaja’s Gift

Inside Mr Greville’s delightful little Tea Room amongst the exquisite collection of furniture and delicate ceramics lies an extraordinary piece of hand woven textile measuring 3.63m in length and width. The majestic 19th century Indian carpet was made in either the great carpet weaving cities of Agra or Jaipur. The carpet is believed to be […]

A young man with a hat, by Jacobus Levecq

360 years on: Pupil’s work visits Rembrandt’s home

We’ve had a busy year with paintings from our collection going to international exhibitions. The most recent being our painting untitled: ‘A young man with a hat’ by Jacobus Levecq (1634-1675). I couriered this painting last week to Rembrandt’s House in Amsterdam. Levecq was born in 1634 in Dordrecht and worked as a pupil under […]

Delegates 'tamping' the carpet with rubber bats

Playing house – hosting Housekeeping Study Days

Last week Polesden Lacey hosted ‘Housekeeping Study Days’, the National Trust’s annual course on the foundations of preventative conservation. Many months in the planning, we were delighted to finally welcome over 100 delegates and their tutors to Mrs Greville’s country retreat. All of the team were involved (four of us were lucky enough to be attending the whole […]

The Bureau, being deep cleaned last year.

Object of the Month: George III Bureau

One of my most favoured pieces of furniture, the George III bureau, is not only aesthetically appealing, but also a technical achievement in detail and application. The japanned bureau with its 6 small internal drawers and its contemporary English lacquered stand is proudly displayed as one of Mrs Greville’s finest pieces of furniture. The bureau’s […]

Helen rolling a rug in the south corridor

Keep rolling, rolling, rolling…

Another big job of the winter clean is rolling the carpets. You will have seen the picture of us rolling the large central hall carpet in our blog post when we first started our winter clean. That carpet was the first of many in the house that needed to rolled and covered for the winter […]

The Central Hall 1926

In the bleak midwinter

I’m sure that you’re all familiar with the lyrics to this beautiful carol, and while ‘frosty winds’ are definitely moaning, things are definitely not bleak here in the house.  With the Edwardian Advent event over, and Polesdenopoly in full swing, we have reached the midpoint on the winter clean on schedule too and remarkably smoothly […]

Fosty house

Merry Christmas from everyone at Polesden Lacey

The past four weeks have been a blur of presents, evergreens, a lot of cleaning and a whole lot of Christmas cheer. We have welcomed a remarkable 12,000 visitors over the past four weekends. They have followed the trail of advents around the house and gardens finding all 24 festive tableaux’s and scenes, sipped mulled wine, […]