White and Fluffy – the hazards of mould

We’ve all been there – picking up your bread in the morning ready for breakfast only to find it spotted with that horrible white and green fluffy stuff…mould. You may even been unfortunate enough to have suffered with mould outside the kitchen perhaps on the walls of your house or in particularly dark and damp […]

The main bell board at Polesden Lacey

Polesden’s hidden interiors

Lots of people visit the house at Polesden Lacey and ask us why we only have a few upstairs rooms on display. When Mrs Greville left the house to the National trust in 1943 she left it for the express purpose “to be held and preserved for ever by the National Trust….For the use and […]

Jonathan, our House and Collections Manager, using a badger hair brush and raking light to dust the painting

Back and Forth: Polesden’s Exhibition Loans

‘Here today, back… in a little while’.  That’s the story of some of Polesden’s collections that have been here, there and everywhere in temporary exhibitions recently.  Thought a National Trust house wasn’t really part of the exhibition scene?  Think again.  Polesden Lacey’s wonderful collection of paintings, ceramics and objets d’art, is not called ‘world-class’ for nothing, […]


All Creatures Great and Small

Hi, my name is Ellie and I have been here at Polesden Lacey since March as a Conservation Assistant Intern. From Chandelier cleaning (spot me in the photo on the recent blog post about this) to insect identifying and light monitoring to costume organising, the variety of the job is immense and I’m only here […]

We check every object on the inventory Including every object on every desk in the house!!!

A busy house team is a happy house team!

Its almost summer time and Helen , our Assistant House Steward, has an update on the House Teams activities so far this season. So what have we been up to since my last update and what’s coming up now we’re approaching the middle of the open season? Well we’ve finished our planned winter deep cleaning within […]


A passion for Art

Last week we held our first open book afternoon of the season, in total we hope to run 4 of these events this year. They give visitors the opportunity to get to see some of the books open and give them the chance to peruse the contents and see that not all the collection was […]

Mixture of droplets, flowers, spheres and star crystals in Gold Room's chandelier

The Gold Room’s Chandelier: seen in a new light

Yes it’s that time of year again, once again time to don our hard hats, steel-capped boots and our best Del-boy references, for the cleaning of the Gold Room’s chandelier and sconces.  With an estimated number of 4000 glass beads and droplets, the cleaning of this beautiful Baccarat chandelier is no mean feat, and takes […]