Cataloguing Mrs Greville’s Collection

Hi, my name’s Sarah and I’m a Conservation Assistant intern here at Polesden Lacey. Living locally to the area I’ve visited Polesden more times than I can remember, but being part of the house team has really made me appreciate the hard work that goes in to looking after this historic property and its collections. […]


Changing Seasons

 Hi, my name is Naomi and I am one of the Intern Conservation Assistants. After 9 weeks here I think I have finally found my feet. The days are filled with a diverse range of tasks and opportunities to learn many new skills. The most daunting of which has to be a toss-up between carrying chalk pastel portraits […]

The South Corridor with the carpets rolled up and resting last winter

Where have all the house team gone?

No we haven’t disappeared into hibernation for the winter – for us it’s busier than ever! As you can see from previous posts it’s certainly not quiet here in the winter.  One of the biggest challenges is to plan what we have to get done around all the events and contractors that come in over […]

gold room

Alice through the looking glass

I love Polesden Lacey at this time of year, the grounds are full of colour and there is always so much going on! This half term there are pumpkins everywhere, the gardeners yielded several hundred pumpkins from the pumpkin patch this year! The Halloween trail is all about Alice through the looking glass and children […]

Mrs Greville's Boudior set dressed with props

Conservation behind the Camera

At the end of September a film crew came to visit in the shape of a new documentary drama. At the moment details about this project are all very hush hush but keep your eyes peeled for Polesden Lacey standing in for some regal locations! In this post I aim to give you a glimpse behind the camera and into […]


Rags to Riches

One of the most amazing things about working in a historic house is discovering the stories behind the property and particularly discovering more about the lives of those who have passed through its doors. Over recent weeks the house team have been busy doing conservation cleaning, supervising filming, completing pest management checks, environmental readings and […]

Apollo and Daphne, South Lawn Urn (see Daphne's arms turning into branches)

Hidden mythology: Polesden’s garden sculpture

Garden sculpture and statuary are often so much a part of historic houses’ gardens that we often forget to take a closer look.  Aside from being another beautiful adornment to ornamental gardens, garden sculpture often has its own hidden messages. Here at Polesden, our garden sculptures vary from quirky griffins, to towering columns, cute little […]


Porcelain Perfection

Ever since I started at Polesden I have been facinated by the large amount of ceramics that Mrs Greville collected. From the plates of the dining room table to the figurines in the Saloon, ceramics feature in almost every room. Judging by the amount of ceramics that were in her bedroom when the inventory was […]