Monitoring light levels in the Library

Shedding a little light on the subject…

This week the House team were presented with a brand new piece of kit, a new environmental monitor.  Needless to say we were very excited and set about using it straight away!  Environmental monitoring is an extremely important part of the work we do here at Polesden Lacey as it ensures that we can prevent […]

Book shelves in the Library (© Eddie Hyde)

A library fit for a King

The library here at Polesden Lacey is a veritable treasure trove for any book enthusiast. The room is full of stunning ceramics, paintings and all sorts of beautiful objects, but for me it is the books that are the star attraction. The library was filled with books ready for the visit of King Edward VII […]


Our moment to shine!

This week at Polesden Lacey we have been cleaning Mrs Greville’s collection of silverware. It took 3-4 people four days to clean approximately 50 items from the Dining room, and about another 15 pieces from the Tea room. Our fingers were aching at the end of each day, but it was very satisfying to see […]


A little bit of elbow grease

Our conservation volunteers are a vital part of the team here at Polesden Lacey. With over 6000 items in our collection it is a ongoing task to keep everything in top condition. Twice each week a group of dedicated conservation volunteers sign up to help with varying conservation tasks which can range from cleaning our precious […]

The Polesden Lacey visitor book

Booking in for dinner with Mrs. G

They may not be as opulent as the gold room, as sparkly as the Faberge or as colourful as the maiolica but the visitor book and the dinner books for Polesden Lacey and Charles Street are among the most vital and valuable items in our collection. Why? Because they are a record of every single […]

Dusting a Meissen saucer with a pony hair brush

So you’d like to work for the National Trust?

One of the questions we get asked most when we do conservation work in front of the public is how we got our jobs working for the National Trust. As this is my last post on the blog (I start a new job next week), I thought it was the perfect time to answer this […]

A conservation volunteer, Vivian, cleaning a marble side table

Gold dust

Of late we have been undertaking a deep clean of the Saloon, also known as the Gold Room for reasons which will be very apparent indeed. We do as much of our conservation work in front of the public as possible – in this case by roping a small area of the room and setting […]

Room Guide welcoming guests

91 years of volunteering

Volunteers are the forefront of the National Trust. We are fortunate to have the support of more than 450 volunteers in the house department (with over 700 working across the property). The roles are varied with 16 different opportunities from tour guiding, making costumes, flower arranging or room guiding and all are vital to keeping […]

The edge of the original blinds for the saloon.  These would have been in a gold colour adding to the opulance of the room

50 shades of chintz

Over the last few months there has been a project going on behind the scenes deep in the stores to try to inventory our rather large amount of stored textiles.  We’ve slowly been working through this mammoth task with the help of our textile volunteer Katherine to find out what we actually have in the store and […]