A lovely snack for silverfish

Silverfish are one of my favourite pests. Yes, I know that’s strange- they like to eat things that are rich in starch, and so are a nightmare for anyone looking after historic books or paper. But I like them because they are easy to identify with the naked eye, as they are about 2 mm […]

Mrs Greville’s unwanted guests

Polesden Lacey’s owner Mrs Greville was known for her hospitality, and in the house we try to recreate that atmosphere for our modern visitors – but sometimes we get guests who are less welcome. If you look under furniture and into corners at Polesden, you might spot some small black boxes. These are our pest […]

A busy few weeks

We’ve had a busy few weeks in the house preparing for the start of the new season on 1 March. Not only did we do a lot of dusting and cleaning over the course of the winter, we also got up to quite a few other things too. With the help of volunteers known as […]

Polesden Art Attack

We’re getting crafty in the House this half-term and putting on our own version of ‘Art Attack’. During half-term week we’ll be holding free craft sessions for families in the House. Children will be able to recreate some of the fabulous paintings in our collection using a variety of fun craft materials – why not […]

Time is ticking by…

Time is ticking by, our new season is fast approaching and there is lots going on a Polesden in the weeks leading up to opening on 1 March! On Monday clock conservator Duncan Greig came to service our 18 working clocks. The clocks have been ‘resting’ during the winter months and before the house opens again in the […]

Leaving Mrs Ronnie

I’m going to New Zealand for four weeks tomorrow for my Honeymoon, yippee! When I was planning this I thought it would be a great time to go: after Polesden’s Christmas extravaganza, before the start of the new season in March. It turns out there is never a good time to take four weeks off. […]

‘Elementary, my dear Maggie’

We’ve been taking our cues from Sherlock this week by using a bit of detective work to uncover details about some of the more intriguing items in our collection… We have a number of Chinese jade and Fabergé objets de vertu that were collected by Polesden Lacey’s last private owner, Margaret (Maggie) Greville, in the […]

Rolling back the years in Mrs Ronnie’s

This week, other the glamour of a brief BBC Radio 4 appearance to talk about our Christmas event, I have been thinking about next season. In March, when we re-open the house for the spring season, we will be unveiling a new exhibition in Mrs Greville’s apartment; so writing text and looking at design work […]

Christmas at Polesden

You might think that because we’re closed for the winter, the house team would use the opportunity to relax and have a well-earned cup of tea. Instead, the last few weeks we’ve been very busy setting up for our ‘We Three Kings’ Christmas event that has now been open two weekends. The event is not […]