Decorations ready to be hung on the central hall tree

The holly and the ivy

Its that time of year again when the house gets transformed for Christmas. Alongside all of our winter cleaning and packing we have been busy getting ready for Christmas. The Christmas decorations have been retrieved from the store, presents have been wrapped, costumes have been made and the trees have been delivered! The use of Evergreen trees […]

Bell board at Polesden Lacey

Between the Sheets: Discover more about servant life at Polesden Lacey

Christmas is a busy time in any household but spare a thought for the many servants in the Edwardian country houses who had the onerous task of getting preparations underway for the luxurious Christmas parties. Here at Polesden Lacey Mrs Greville usually had around 10-12 guests for the Christmas period with a constant flow of […]

Rolling the carpet in the Central Hall

A little light dusting

It’s the time of year when the house team get a lot of comments along the lines of “oh as your closed, you must get a rest” – if only!  In reality the team probably have more to do during the winter season.  We don’t even call it the ‘closed’ season any more as we […]

cassone closed

Opening up the cabinets

All of this week many of the cabinets in the house have been opened up!  This is a rare opportunity for visitors to see the stunning interiors of our cabinets. It is a chance to highlight the wide variety of items on display at Polesden Lacey; from a late George III rosewood games table to a German cabinet reminiscent […]

Monitoring light levels in the Library

Shedding a little light on the subject…

This week the House team were presented with a brand new piece of kit, a new environmental monitor.  Needless to say we were very excited and set about using it straight away!  Environmental monitoring is an extremely important part of the work we do here at Polesden Lacey as it ensures that we can prevent […]

Book shelves in the Library (© Eddie Hyde)

A library fit for a King

The library here at Polesden Lacey is a veritable treasure trove for any book enthusiast. The room is full of stunning ceramics, paintings and all sorts of beautiful objects, but for me it is the books that are the star attraction. The library was filled with books ready for the visit of King Edward VII […]


Our moment to shine!

This week at Polesden Lacey we have been cleaning Mrs Greville’s collection of silverware. It took 3-4 people four days to clean approximately 50 items from the Dining room, and about another 15 pieces from the Tea room. Our fingers were aching at the end of each day, but it was very satisfying to see […]


A little bit of elbow grease

Our conservation volunteers are a vital part of the team here at Polesden Lacey. With over 6000 items in our collection it is a ongoing task to keep everything in top condition. Twice each week a group of dedicated conservation volunteers sign up to help with varying conservation tasks which can range from cleaning our precious […]

The Polesden Lacey visitor book

Booking in for dinner with Mrs. G

They may not be as opulent as the gold room, as sparkly as the Faberge or as colourful as the maiolica but the visitor book and the dinner books for Polesden Lacey and Charles Street are among the most vital and valuable items in our collection. Why? Because they are a record of every single […]