Maiolica bird, c.1570. in vibrant g colours

Seeing colour

Today I’ve been in a world of Technicolor at Polesden Lacey, writing the text for a display in our grounds this autumn which looks at colour in our collections. Timed to coincide with the riot of colour that is autumn in the estate and gardens, it involves about eight very large blown up photographs of […]

Queen of the scaffolding

Polesden Lacey’s House Team. In Clandon’s Green Drawing Room. With the Scaffolding.

Last Wednesday six of the house team left Polesden in the capable hands of our Head and Assistant House Stewards for a day away from the office.   Clandon Park is just down the road from us and needed to borrow some of our womanpower to rehang their Green Drawing Room.    The Green Drawing Room wallpaper […]

Some of the officers and a nurse who stayed here during Polesden's two years as a convalescent hospital

Researching Polesden’s Past

One of my responsiblites at Polesden is to manage the Interpretation and Research Assistant volunteers. They’re a small team who assist us with projects that require detailed research, as well as helping to write interpretation for some things, such as the room folders (which you can find in every showroom and contain a wealth of […]

Dining Room 2

Cleaning up after dinner: A tale of table cleanliness

The house team project for this week has been more Conservation In Action.  This project is designed to demonstrate to the public just what exactly goes into cleaning the collections.  The Dining Room table and side tables hold a remarkably large amount of objects.  With just under 200 pieces to individually dust and condition report, armed only with hogs hair brushes for […]

Ben Hammond’s ‘Sing Something Swingy’ on the Crown label, which was only in production between 1935 and 1936

Sing Something Swingy

Here at Polesden we have a fantastic collection of 78rpm records that we play on our gramophones on the Balcony and in the Billiard Room. I’ve been doing some research into the records and compiling a full list of them so we can get them on our inventory and also make sure we are playing […]

Julie, Cinservation Volunteer working in the Servery

‘When you’ve done that you can come and do ours…’

… is a phrase that the house team have heard a lot over the last month! What with the Meissen ceramics clean in the Study back in May and the chandelier in the Saloon a couple of weeks ago. The most recent round of Conservation in Action to elicit these comments was the tapestry chair clean last […]

Freya and Claire cleaning the glass drops with a 50/50 mixture of distilled water and methylated spirits

Cleaning the chandelier

Last week was an especially busy one for the house team as we undertook the massive task of cleaning the six sconces and chandelier in the Saloon. The chandelier alone contains 4,000 pieces of cut glass, so it’s not a quick job! This year it was my turn to organise it - which was easier said than […]

Me cataloguing one of the Cutting Books

Snippets Of History

I am one of the Conservation Interns here at Polesden Lacey and part of my internship is to help to catalogue some of the Cuttings books that Mrs Greville created over her lifetime … or rather the servant she assigned to the task! The Cuttings books consist of around 14 books filled with newspaper articles, […]

The impressive chandelier contains 4,000 pieces of cut glass

No ‘Only Fools and Horses’ jokes necessary

Next week we’ll be taking a leaf out of Del Boy and Rodney Trotter’s book and cleaning our enormous chandelier in the Saloon. The chandelier is by the French firm Bacarrat and dates from about 1860. It’s made of ormolu and cut glass, and is comprised of around 4,000 drops – no wonder it takes […]

Photo courtesy of Eddie Hyde

The Fire Brigade comes to Polesden Lacey

The evening of Thursday 17 May saw four fire engines and 17 firemen arrive at Polesden Lacey. Fortunately there was no emergency; they were joining staff from Polesden Lacey and Hatchlands and a few other properties in the region for a salvage training exercise. Salvage is what we do in the event of an emergency, usually fire or flood. […]